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MSAC Desktop Widget MSAC timetables that can be viewed from your desktop.
Size: 450 KB
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Target Desktop Widget This Yahoo widget lets you count down the days to your favorite holiday.
Size: 2.2 MB
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Widget reminder date reminder Holiday Count-Down target  
ShareFile Desktop Widget A quick way to share and manage online files.
Size: 801 KB
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Widget share share files Distribute distribute files  
ASIMO Desktop Widget Access the ASIMO robot on your desktop
Size: 57.4 MB
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Widget Honda desktop widget desktop robot  
Desktop Radio Widget This Yahoo widget is a free radio stream player
Size: 178 KB
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audio stream radio stream player live streaming  
Simple Desktop Widget The Simple Desktop menu built into an Opera Widget
Size: 32 KB
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Menu opera widget Simple Desktop menu  

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podXP A software utility that will display on your screen interesting and useful widgets/pods
Size: 5.1 MB
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Widget display utility desktop widget desktop pod lock pod  
Snippage Easily make desktop widgets out of any site
Size: 109 KB
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Widget Creator crop desktop widget widgets tools crop area  
MoonyDesk A plug-in based widgets system
Size: 582 KB
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plugin Widget animation desktop widget widgets collection  
Afghanistanian Calendar View the dates, according to Afghanistan’s months.
Size: 69 KB
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Widget calendar monthly calendar desktop widget  
Avedesk A program that will give you the possibility to have icons on your desktop which could update themselves.
Size: 5.6 MB
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Widget shortcut desktop icon change icon update icon  
OzzTuner This Widget will add a sound player similar to the Guitar Tuner widget to your desktop
Size: 1 KB
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Yahoo Widget Widget guitar audio widget tune guitar player  

desktop widget in description

Widget Designer From Aear System: Widget Designer that enables you to design your desktop widget, use your widget together with other peoples. What can widget do? Desktop widget is for helping you quickly complete so...
Size: 2.38MB
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desktop widget make widget  
Q-Widget Q-Widget enables you to listen to Q-Music (Belgian) without leaving your desktop. This widget brings you the live sound of Q Radio right to your desktop. [b]Requirements:[/b] ■ Yahoo! Widget En...
Size: 92.41K
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stream radio streaming live streaming Radio Station  
Weather Widget 2007 Edit By desktop Weather widget displays Current Weather conditions and allows users to view forecasts for over 140,000 US cities. This cool little widget can be dragged across your desktop and placed ...
Size: 1.65MB
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DC0-140 hotspot shield 1.37 pic monkey photo  
OzzTuner OzzTuner is a widget that will play tuning notes in standard or drop D tunings on your desktop. OzzTuner has a compact, customizable appearance and an inactive state. [b]Requirements:[/b] ■ Yah...
Size: 1 KB
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Yahoo Widget Widget guitar audio widget tune guitar player  
Little Kitty Little Kitty widget is a tiny cat that sits on your desktop. If you love cats and need a really cute companion for your desktop, Little Kitty Widget offers you that. [b]Requirements:[/b] ■ Yaho...
Size: 38.41K
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buddy companion Desktop Companion cat desktop buddy  
Yahoo Widget Gallery Yahoo Widget that will keep you informed with all the new widget available on the Yahoo! webiste Yahoo! Widget Gallery si a widget that will display on your desktop the the latest widgets available. W...
Size: 284.88K
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